Debit and credit card machines for PDQ payments

Merchant services together with a chip & pin terminal from our range of fixed, handheld, mobile and wireless portable terminals

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xln terminal
xln terminal
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More than half of UK consumers use credit and debit cards for payments. With over 130,000 small business customers, XLN can help you set up card payments and keep the costs of your credit and debit card processing low.

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Why choose XLN for card processing?

  • No monthly administration charge
  • No charge for customer refunds
  • No merchant account joining fee
  • Cut your transaction costs
  • Get the best service in the industry
  • Landline, broadband and GPRS options
  • Dedicated team to help with fast set-up
  • Get the latest, most secure terminals

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Whatever your business needs, we have the card machine for you

Counter top

Simple card machine for businesses with a permanent sales counter e.g. retail.


Take the card
machine to your customers, ideal for cafes or restaurants.


Perfect for businesses on the go, mobile card machines allow payments anywhere with mobile coverage.


Simple and essential payment solutions for businesses trading online through a website, smartphone or virtual terminal.


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