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Card processing, telecom and energy

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XLN card payment machine has been supporting small business across the UK since 2002. And as a specialist provider of card processing, telecoms is one of our core offerings with card payment machines, merchant services and online payment processing.

So when it comes to card payment solutions, talk to XLN. You’ll find we offer an impressive range of professional countertop card machines, portable card machines and mobile card machines. And if you are trading online we also provide bespoke E-Commerce payment solutions.

When you switch to XLN card processing machine you can rely on very competitive card payment rates along with easy, secure and fast transactions. All of which adds up to a great deal.

First class merchant services

First class merchant services

At XLN merchant services we can pick the best possible merchant card machine for you.

Which is why we partner with two leading merchant acquirers, Elavon and First Data Merchant Solutions. Like XLN card processing machines they are focused on the needs of small businesses.

Offering top of the range card terminals, we partner with Spire for our card machines. And for E-commerce solutions XLN card processing and Sage Pay work together to provide a secure and easy way of trading online.

big savings for small business

big savings for small business

XLN card processing machine is on the side of small business.

The last thing you need is a credit and debit card processing machine that comes with high and unnecessary charges that eat into your hard earned cash before you’ve even seen it. Hidden fees added by your bank all add up - which means using XLN card payments machine for your debit and credit card needs could save your business hundreds or even thousands of pounds a year.

supporting Business heroes

supporting Business heroes

At XLN card processing, we’re extremely proud of what we do. However, we’re not the heroes here.

That accolade belongs to our customers, the small but oh so powerful businesses of Great Britain. The backbone of the economy. The engine of growth. The powerhouse of employment.

But all too often these heroes get nothing short of a really raw deal from their suppliers, the large, irrelevant, consumer-oriented goliaths. Individually, small businesses just don’t have the clout to negotiate fair prices from the big corporations in telecoms, utilities and financial services. But standing side by side, standing tall together, the purchase power of hundreds of thousands of small businesses can rise up against the corporate giants and make XLN pdq machine savings every day.


Our ever growing team of more than 250 professionals have helped more than 250,000 small businesses across the UK save money every day. We really understand what you need because we’re dedicated to helping every type and size of small business from mechanics to accountants and farmers to hairdressers.

If you're just starting up, or looking to switch your debit or credit card processing machine provider find out what XLN pdq machines can offer you. Whatever your business, we’ll tailor services to suit your exact needs and help you make great savings. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say.

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When you need a helping hand, we’re here to help 24/7.

What’s more, you won’t get lost in the system or ever have to speak to a robot, just our friendly UK-based experts.

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