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XLN loves small businesses

We love small businesses like yours because we understand what they need. We should do because XLN have helped more than 250,000 small business customers with a wide range of business services. So if you’re looking for credit and debit card processing solutions, you’ve arrived in the right place.

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More and more of us are using our cards for payments of all types. So whatever business you’re in, you can’t really afford to do without card payments. Switching to card payments may seem a bit of an effort, but take our word for it, with XLN it’s easy and we keep the costs of your card acceptance low.

Actually, don’t take our word for it, listen to our customers instead.

Reasons to choose XLN

We offer all kinds of reasons to be cheerful to all kinds of businesses. For starters we keep it simple, so instead of getting caught between your bank, phone company and the terminal suppliers, we provide it all under one roof.

Benefits of our terminals

  • Small, easy to handle and easy to use
  • Chip & PIN, contactless and phone order payments
  • Easy self installation - just plug in and follow simple prompts
  • Accepts all major credit, debit and charge cards
  • Supports a multitude of transaction types including sales and refunds

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How it works?

The basics of payment processing for small businesses:

Credit and debit card payment solutions
Fast, secure and great value.

When you need to take a payment on your website, our virtual terminal makes it easy. And the easier it is, the more customers you will have and the faster your business will grow.

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Save up to 47% with XLN on card payment processing systems.